Schuberth c3 world glossy flip-up black helmets,schuberth dealers,On Sale

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Schuberth c3 world glossy flip-up black helmets,schuberth dealers,On Sale_checkout
schuberth c3 pro manual Helmets Flip-up ,Schuberth c3 world glossy flip-up black helmets jack schuberth dpm,Authentic
standard ce 22.05.
in detail
the helmet
outer shell
the outer shell of the c3 combines an aerodynamically optimal shape suitable for racing with excellent protection.
• shell material: s.t.r.o.n.g. fibre and carbon
• new helmet shell technology from schuberth permits low weight
• glass fibre with a special resin added is compressed in a vacuum at a pressure of 4.5 bar to form a helmet shell which is exceptionally sturdy.
inner shell
• made of specially optimized eps foam
• used exclusively by schuberth
• a complex modular structure allows optimal shock absorption
inner lining
the innovative interior lining of the c3 is outstanding due to its excellent fit and the optimised ventilation and extraction system.
• coolmax® pad system, removable and washable
• optimized fit
• variable pad system ensures effective ventilation (see ventilation summer/winter)
• allergen-free
• antibacterial
• hand washable up to 30 °c
• removable cheek pads
fastener system
standard delivery with micro-lock ratchet lock
360° reflex
improved visibility = enhanced safety in the dark
• reflex pads embedded in the neck padding
chin guard
the c3 is characterised by its strong and distortion-free chin guard.
the extremely robust chin guard locking system
• resists very high drag loads
• securely joins chin section and helmet shell to form a compact unit
the visor
pinlock® visor
guaranteed condensation-free thanks to its double glazing technology
• city position
visor mechanism
• the easychange visor mechanism makes changing visors extremely simple and quick.
integrated sun visor
the sun visor enables quick and individual adjustment according to light conditions. it is integrated into the helmet shell and can be swivelled.
technical info
high-performance aerodynamics
the c3 is the new generation flip-up helmet. it stands out from the crowd at all times through its advanced aerodynamics and agreeable riding characteristics. the integrated features make it ahead of its time.
c3 - new generation flip-up technology from the schuberth wind tunnel makes your next touring journey a sheer riding pleasure.
• aerodynamic shape
• directionally stable
• no oscillatory tendency
• no buffeting
aeroacoustics of the c3
all schuberth motorcycle and racing helmets are developed and optimised under scientific conditions in the schuberth wind tunnel. owing to its outstanding aeroacoustic characteristics, the c3 is the ideal helmet for your touring journeys.
• extremely quiet due to integrated acoustic collar and anti-noise pad
• < = 84 db(a) at 100 km per hour (with closed machines)
• safety principle: the reduced noise level assists the riders concentration and attentiveness.
sound intensity is a phenomenon which can be explained logarithmically/mathematically.
• a 10 db(a) jump in noise level is perceived by the human ear as a doubling of the noise level. conversely a drop of 10 db(a) is perceived as a halving of the noise level.
• physically these changes in the perceived noise level already occur at an increase or decrease of 6 db (a).
• this means that the increase/decrease in the physical load is higher than the one perceived.
aeroacoustics are influenced by:
• the position of the helmet in the air flow, depending on the drivers size, riding posture, the motorcycles fairing
• the fit of the helmet: differences in the anatomy of the wearers head, neck and shoulder areas
• change the position of the windscreen
• close the gap at the bottom of the helmet, e.g. using a scarf
the c3 incorporates an effective and powerful ventilation system which enables up to seven litres of fresh air to be supplied per second when travelling at 100 km/h.
equipment features
• chin vent
• variable pad system
• visor vent
• air intake
summer and winter
the positioning of the pad system can be adjusted, enabling fast and easy adaptation of in-helmet head ventilation according to:
• the season
• weather conditions
• personal preferences
o2 ventilation
• in cold weather it often occurs that with closed air supply the motorcyclists neck zone becomes sealed off by hoods, scarves or neckerchiefs.
• the concentration of carbon dioxide inside the helmet is a key safety criterion for preventing symptoms of fatigue and the thinning of breathable air.
• no negative effects on health need be feared as long as the co2 concentration remains below 3.5 %.
• the maximum level of co2 concentration at the workplace is 0.5 %
• even when the neck zone is sealed off by hoods, scarves or neckerchiefs, this helmet guarantees that the co2 concentration remains below
the 0.5% limit as from a speed of approx. 30 km/h.
• in cases where the helmet is completely sealed off by hoods, scarves or neckerchiefs, the visor ought to be opened (city-travel position) for safety reasons when idling, for example at traffic lights, or travelling slowly.
anti-roll-off system
the anti-roll-off system (a.r.o.s.) especially developed by schuberth is provided as a safety feature in every schuberth motorcycle helmet. it ensures that provided the chinstrap is closed and correctly adjusted:
• the helmet cannot pivot off the head from behind
• the risk of contact between the chin section of the helmet and the chin or neck of the rider is minimised due to the small angle of tilt
• the consequences of the helmet coming into contact with the chest as the result of an accident are reduced* helmets are always delivered with a transparent screen.
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schuberth - helmets - flip-up,weight: over 1500 gr,approval: ece-22.05,color: black

Schuberth c3 world glossy flip-up black helmets,schuberth dealers,On Sale
Schuberth c3 world glossy flip-up black helmets,schuberth dealers,On Sale
Schuberth c3 world glossy flip-up black helmets,schuberth dealers,On Sale
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